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Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum researchers collaborate between research clusters to expedite new discoveries and bring therapies from the research bench to the patient bedside...

Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

Use of high throughput and single cell analysis to understand biological basis of disease

Dr. James Dennis 
Dr. Daniel Durocher
Dr. Anne-Claude Gingras
Dr. Laurence Pelletier
Dr. Frederick Roth 
Dr. Daniel Schramek
Dr. Frank Sicheri
Dr. James R. Woodgett
Dr. Jeffrey Wrana 

Prosserman Centre for Population Health Research

Epidemiology and population health studies as applied to cancer, genomics, human development and other complex diseases

Dr. Laurent Briollais
Dr. Shelley Bull
Dr. Kieran Campbell
Dr. Pamela Goodwin
Dr. Rayjean Hung
Dr. Julia Knight
Dr. Caroline Kramer
Dr. Alexander Logan
Dr. Bruce Perkins
Dr. Ravi Retnakaran
Dr. Michael Wainberg

Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Understanding of embryonic induced pluripotential stem cell biology and its potential application for regenerative cell therapy treatments

Dr. Marc Grynpas
Dr. Keith Jarvi
Dr. Rita Kandel
Dr. Andras Nagy
Dr. Miguel Ramalho-Santos
Dr. Ian Rogers 

Diabetes and Metabolism

Understanding the basis and therapeutic interventions for type-1 and type-2 diabetes

Dr. Daniel Drucker
Dr. Caroline Kramer
Dr. Bruce Perkins
Dr. Ravi Retnakaran
Dr. Bernard Zinman

Research Collaboratory for Health Systems Research

Development and evaluation of health practices and improved healthcare delivery mechanisms with a focus on patients with co-morbidities

Dr. Chaim Bell
Dr. Kerry Kuluski
Dr. Michelle Nelson
Dr. Carolyn Steele Gray
Dr. Ross Upshur

Neurodevelopment and Cognitive Functions

Probing the development of the nervous system to discover causes of neurological diseases

Dr. Rod Bremner
Dr. Graham Collingridge
Dr. Sabine Cordes
Dr. Joseph Culotti
Dr. Kenichi Okamoto
Dr. Mei Zhen

Fred A. Litwin Centre for Cancer Genetics

Discovering networks of genes that drive tumour development.  Developing new diagnostics and treatments

Dr. Irene Andrulis
Dr. Bharati Bapat
Dr. Rod Bremner
Dr. Laurent Briollais
Dr. Shelley Bull
Dr. Eleftherios Diamandis
Dr. Steven Gallinger
Dr. Rebecca Gladdy
Dr. Pamela Goodwin
Dr. Rayjean Hung
Dr. Julia Knight
Dr. Daniel Schramek
Dr. Carol Swallow
Dr. Jeff Wrana
Dr. Jay Wunder 
Dr. Alexandre Zlotta

Women’s and Infants’ Health

Optimizing the outcomes of pregnancy and reducing the impact of complications

Dr. Ted Brown
Dr. Isabella Caniggia
Dr. Crystal Chan
Dr. Ellen Greenblatt
Dr. John Kingdom
Dr. Andrea Jurisicova
Dr. Shoo Lee
Dr. Stephen Lye
Dr. Stephen Matthews
Dr. Miguel Ramalho-Santos
Dr. Prakeshkumar Shah
Dr. Sharon Unger

Precision Medicine

Application of genomic, proteomic and personalized medical technologies to understanding complex diseases

Dr. Daniel Drucker
Dr. John Floras
Dr. Pamela Goodwin
Dr. Masoom Haider
Dr. Susanna Mak
Dr. Sangeeta Mehta
Dr. John Parker
Dr. Katherine Siminovitch



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