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Dr. Alexandre Zlotta
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Dr. Alexandre Zlotta

dr. alexandre zlotta



Murray Koffler Urologic Wellness Centre
Mount Sinai Hospital
Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Health Complex
60 Murray St, 6th Fl. Box 19
Toronto ON M5T 3L9

Clinical Inquiries:
416-586-4800 x3910
Research Inquiries:
416-586-4800 x3933

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Dr. Alexandre Zlotta 

Dr. Alexandre Zlotta is an internationally renowned uro-oncologic surgeon specializing in treating cancers of the bladder and prostate. He was recruited to Mount Sinai Hospital from Brussels, Belgium in 2006. Among his many accomplishments, he was awarded the 2000 European Association of Urology Crystal Matula Award, which is given to the most promising European urologist under the age of 40.

Dr. Alexandre Zlotta is a Professor in the Department of Surgery (Urology) at the University of Toronto, Director of Uro-Oncology at Mount Sinai Hospital, staff surgeon at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre -Toronto General Hospital/ University Health Network and Director of the Uro-Oncology Fellowship Program at the University of Toronto. He is a Consulting Editor for European Urology, the leading urology journal world-wide and is on the editorial board of several other international journals.

In addition to his clinical background, Dr. Zlotta has an extensive successful research career in both clinical and translational research in bladder and prostate cancer in a multi-institutional, international setting. He leads the Bladder Cancer Research Program at The University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital. He is the Principle Investigator or co-Principle Investigator of several large-scale international research projects and has established several multi-institutional research programs in Toronto with centres in Canada, US, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and Russia. He has been a board member of the Scientific Committee of the European Association of Urology, the European Society of Oncological Urology, the Scientific Committee of the Belgian Association of Urology, the Belgian National College of Oncology and member of the National Cancer Institute of Canada- Prevention Initiative. He is currently a steering Committee Member of the North American Bladder Cancer Think Tank, BCAN.

He received in 2012 the Platinum Award of the European Association of Urology.



At a Glance

  • Dr. Zlotta is an Associate Scientist at the Lunenfeld, and Director of Uro-Oncology at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Murray Koffler Wellness Centre.
  • He specializes in prostate and bladder cancer.
  •   Dr. Zlotta collaborates with other Lunenfeld researchers including Dr. Wrana, Dr. Diamandis, Dr. Bapat and Dr. Briollais, to investigate the genetics and epigenetics of both bladder and prostate cancer.
  • The University Health Network/Mount Sinai Hospital Bladder Cancer Program, led by Dr. Zlotta, is the largest in Canada, gathering the most complex cases. 


Major Research Activities

 Dr. Zlotta collaborates with Dr. Jeff Wrana and other colleagues to harness novel Next Generation sequencing technologies to evaluate new means for discriminating between indolent and aggressive tumours in patients with bladder and prostate cancer. Their goals are aimed to deliver personalized treatments to patients.

Dr. Zlotta is also collaborating with Drs. Eleftherios Diamandis, Bharati Bapat, and Laurent Briollais to discover new genetic and epigenetic markers for prostate cancer diagnosis. He also has ongoing research programs in bladder cancer to find new urine based epigenetic diagnostic tests for bladder cancer with Dr. Bapat.


Recent Publications



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