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Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum researchers work collaboratively within Centres of Excellence to expedite new discoveries and bring therapies from the research bench to the patient bedside...

  Centre for Genomic Medicine Prosserman Centre for Health Research              Centre for Systems Biology        

Genetics researchers identify genes that influence disease risk or outcome and design strategies for translating this information to clinical practice — expediting the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.


Epidemiologists (those who study populations) assess the impact of genetic and environmental causes related to disease through a combination of lab and clinical studies.


Leading cell biologists take a “systems-wide” view to gain a better understanding of many diseases.


  Centre for Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering Centre for Modeling Human Disease Fred A. Litwin Centre for Cancer Genetics

Researchers use stem cell lines to create models for disease, repairing and replacing degenerating tissues.


Experts perform genome-wide analysis seeking insights on pregnancy and development, diabetes, neurobehaviour, cancer, cardiovascular disease, bone and connective tissue formation, and kidney function.


Geneticists reveal new approaches in detecting, treating and preventing cancer — and look at population-based studies to seek out cancer susceptibility genes.


  Centre for Neurodevelopment and Cognitive Function » Research Centre in Women’s and Infants’ Health » Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Musculoskeletal Research

Neurobiologists study the development and function of the nervous system to find the cause and cure to human neurological and psychiatric diseases. Investigators:


Experts collaborate on the areas of reproductive biology, pregnancy and the transition to the newborn period. Investigators:


Scientists and clinicians - including pathologists and orthopaedic surgeons - are discovering and applying new knowledge into bone and tissue regeneration, including the development of joint replacements. The Centre includes experts in stem cell biology, arthritis, sarcoma, osteoporosis and more. Investigators:



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