Dr. Mark Silverberg  inflammatory bowel diseaseDr. Katherine Siminovitch  genetic disorder; digestive diseaseDr. Carolyn Steele Gray  health systems researchDr. Ross Upshur  global health & infectious diseaseDr. Jim Woodgett  diabetes; cancerDr. Jeff Wrana  cancer biologyDr. Mei Zhen  neurobiologyDr. Bernard Zinman  diabetesDr. Irene Andrulis  breast cancerDr. Rod Bremner  cancer biologyDr. Laurent Briollais  biostatisticsDr. Theodore Brown  women`s and infants` healthDr. Shelley Bull  biostatisticsDr. Kieran Campbell  machine learning in translational biomedicineDr. Isabella Caniggia  women`s and infants` healthDr. Robert Casper  women`s and infants` healthDr. Graham Collingridge  synaptic plasticityDr. Sabine Cordes  neurobiologyDr. Joseph Culotti  spinal cord injuryDr. James Dennis  cancer biology; MSDr. Daniel Drucker  diabetesDr. Daniel Durocher  cell biologyDr. Steven Gallinger  colorectal; pancreatic cancerDr. Anne-Claude Gingras  cancer biologyDr. Pamela Goodwin  breast cancerDr. Marc Grynpas  osteoporosisDr. Rayjean Hung  population health; cancerDr. Hartland W. Jackson  single cell analysis, breast cancerDr. Andrea Jurisicova  women`s and infants` healthDr. Julia Knight  population health; breast cancerDr. Alexander Logan  hypertension; kidney diseaseDr. Stephen Lye  women`s and infants` healthDr. Andras Nagy  stem cell biologyDr. Michelle Nelson  stroke rehabilitation & complexityDr. Kenichi Okamoto  neurobiologyDr. Laurence Pelletier  genetic disorders; cell biologyDr. Miguel Ramalho-Santos  molecular geneticsDr. Frederick Roth  systems biology; computational biologyDr. Daniel Schramek  stem cell biology and breast cancer