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Page Changing our neurological fate
How exercise and mental stimulation sharpen our senses and enhance cognitive abilities
Page Dr. Crystal Chan: Research aimed at enhancing outcomes after in vitro fertilization
Mount Sinai Hospital clinician-scientist helping to improve the health of pregnant women and their babies
Page Early stage of mitosis
To the right is a cell in the early stages of mitosis, or cell division
Page Building spare parts
Dr. Ian Rogers and his team are building bioartificial kidneys for transplantation.
Page HeLa Cell Undergoing Mitosis
This image was taken by the super-resolution microscope (OMX), which offers much greater resolution and detail compared to other forms of light microscopy. The cell shown here is in the process of division. The chromosomes, stained blue, are aligned at the metaphase plate with the attached microtubules, in green.
Page The Andrulis lab: Uncovering the genes and pathways associated with breast cancer
Page Research in the Gingras lab deciphers the intricacies of protein interactions
Dr. Anne-Claude Gingras is renowned for her studies of protein interactions that play a role in the development of cancer, drug resistance and immunity.
Page Dr. Frederick Roth’s lab develops new technologies such as DNA sequencing techniques.
Page Synaptic Activity of a Neuron
Page Drs. Jeff Wrana and Alex Zlotta are harnessing new genetic technologies to advance the treatment of bladder cancer
Page Blood Vessels of the Iris
Page Dr. Laurence Pelletier and his research team use breakthrough technology to visualize cell division in unprecedented detail
Page Printing new joints with a 3D printer: advancing regenerative medicine for Canadians
Scientists at Mount Sinai’s Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Musculoskeletal Research, including Dr. Rita Kandel, are pioneering an entirely new frontier in Canada: the use of three-dimensional printing to construct replacement parts that mimic the patient’s own joint.
Page Lunenfeld scientists uncover a key secret to human development
Page The darker side of regenerative medicine: working toward safer stem cell therapies
Stem cells have been widely touted as a source of great hope for their use in medicine, such as in the development of new drugs to prevent and treat illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, wound healing and spinal cord injury. But techniques for generating these highly malleable cells have also created concerns around safety in stem cell therapies.
Page Mount Sinai researchers uncover new gene linked to blood vessel growth
Page The Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute: Discovery science and clinical synergy
Page Not your typical March Break: the life of an intern at the LTRI
For March Break this year, some students took advantage of the time off from school to travel with families, hang out with friends, or to catch up on some much needed sleep. However, a unique group of students from local Toronto high schools did something a little different – they pursued their passion for science as interns at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute for March Break.
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